Flags: Enquirer Friend Unknown
Covenantor GAYE Young ACARE
Self-Mgmt Trainee Info volunteer Home visitor
AC Contact Trustee Seed Name
Overseas Organisation Distributor
Camp. volunteer Branch/Group vol. Send PPC news
Publication Service AC Staff Member Reg Staff bulk mags

Mail: Do Not Mail Once pre May 2002 Twice pre May 2002
Once/year non specific Once/year Xmas 2002 Twice/year non specific

Postal Postal Full Direct Debit Full Concession - Status
Membership: Direct Debit - Status Concession - Student Direct Debit - Student
Complementary M

Organization: Association Charity Churches
Clubs Companies College
Polytechnic Rags School
Trusts University Xmas draws

Gift Aid: Non-Tax payer All subs since 2000 Declaration received
2002 subs only

Area: Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
North England Central England South East England
South West England Head of Trust Fundraising Fundraising Assistant

Gender: Female Male

Address Type: Business Home

Arthritis: Has arthritis Child with arthritis
Friend with arthritis Family member with arthritis
Parent with arthritis Career with arthritis